National Rural Development Program (PNDR)

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PNDR 2014 – 2020 – a program that grants non-reimbursable funds from the European Union and the Government of Romania for the economic and social development of the rural area in Romania.


    • Modernizing and increasing the viability of agricultural holdings by consolidating them, opening up the market and processing agricultural products;
    • Encouraging the rejuvenation of generations of farmers by supporting the installation of young farmers;
    • Development of basic rural infrastructure as a precondition for attracting investments in rural areas and creating new jobs and implicitly in the development of rural space.
    • Encouraging the diversification of the rural economy by promoting the creation and development of SMEs in the non-agricultural sectors of the rural area;
    • Promoting the fruit sector, as a sector with specific needs, through a dedicated subprogram;
    • Encouraging local development in community responsibility through the LEADER approach. LEADER’s cross-cutting competence enhances competitiveness, quality of life and diversification of the rural economy, as well as combating poverty and social exclusion.


    • Establishment, extension and modernization of farm equipment (buildings, access roads, irrigation, technologies for reducing pollution and energy production from renewable sources, storage, marketing and processing facilities, including in the context of short chains, etc.) ;
    • Investments in processing and marketing, including energy efficiency, marketing, storage, conditioning, adaptation to standards, etc.;
    • Support for restructuring farms, especially small ones, and rejuvenating generations of farmers;
    • Risk management in the agri-food sector;
    • Counseling and training activities, including through producer groups;
    • Actions for afforestation of agricultural and non-agricultural land, as well as the realization of forest curtains on these lands;
    • Compensatory payments for farmers who voluntarily undertake agri-environment commitments;
    • Compensatory payments for farmers who voluntarily commit to adopt or maintain practices and methods specific to organic farming;
    • Compensatory payments of farmers who voluntarily commit to continue their activity in the areas designated as areas facing natural constraints or other specific constraints;
    • Support for investments for micro and small non-agricultural enterprises in rural areas;
    • Improvement of local infrastructure (water supply, sewerage, local roads), educational, medical and social infrastructure;
    • Restoration and preservation of cultural heritage;
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