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  • RadExpert consulting&management SRL assure consultancy services in the Project Management domain for projects financed through public funds, European funds, private funds, also mixt investments.
  • RadExpert consulting&management SRL assure its services both the entire course of investments, starting from idea to commissioning, also for managing the different phases of them.


          The evaluation of the initial client idea/need don’t imply costs for it.

The main services, essential in the realization of an investment, for which RadExpert provides professional consulting are:

      Customer need assessment

          Consists of the evaluation of the initial idea / client’s need, as well as support regarding the refinement and adaptation of the business idea. In general, each of us know very well the field of activity in which we evolve, where our business develops and what our real needs are, without knowing very well what the real development possibilities might be. RadExpert consultants provide the necessary support for evaluating the possibilities and turning the idea into reality.

      Analysis of financing possibilities

         Analysis and presentation of financing possibilities, stages, risks, necessary for co-financing from the client. This stage involves discussions and presentation of documents, plans, etc. by the client, as well as the clear plan for carrying out the collaboration in order to obtain non-reimbursable financing or for the implementation of a business plan.

       Preparation of financing applications

         RadExpert experts prepare financing applications, business plans for accessing financing in accordance with the established ones and agreed with the clients to whom they are dedicated. Also, in the case of private financers, RadExpert experts prepare and present the business plan (focused on quality, time, resources) to satisfy the client’s need at a professional level.

       Project implementation

        RadExpert experts and partners prepare all documents and undertake all activities related to project management, procurement, technical consultancy (depending on the specificity of each project), financial consultancy, legal consultancy (contracts, additional documents) in respect of the time and budget allocated and the requested quality of each project.

     Tendering consultancy

         Consultancy regarding the formation of multidisciplinary consortia and the effective drawing up of tenders to ensure the real successful premises of commercial tenders in the framework of public procurement procedures, due to the long experience in evaluating complex systems with very high values, from the contracting authorities (public).

     Research and development project consultancy

         Assistance in the formation of consortia, finding the right partners for applying for European funding within Horizon 2020. Consultancy in preparing the financing proposals, uploading them in ECAS, managing the grants in ARES.

      We offer the best consulting services!

National Rural Development Program (PNDR)
OpportunitiesApril 16, 2020

National Rural Development Program (PNDR)

Are you a farmer? Do you have a business in the countryside? Do you own agricultural land and need to start or develop an initiative in rural areas? Start the road to receive grants with RadExpert. PNDR 2014 – 2020 – a program that grants non-reimbursable funds from the European Union and the Government of Romania for the economic and social development of the rural area in Romania.

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OpportunitiesApril 15, 2020


Assistance in drawing up the documentation needed to obtain funding under the Start-up Nation Program. RadExpert consulting & management experts will prepare the Business Plan and the related documentation necessary for the eligible beneficiaries to access the financing, while also ensuring their consultancy until the time of submission in order to obtain a maximum score. […]

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POR 2014-2020
OpportunitiesApril 15, 2020

POR 2014-2020

RadExpert consulting & management SRL provides the full range of consulting services on project management and related services (including MySMIS operation) for all types of financing granted to public authorities and private companies through the priority axes of the Programului Operațional Regio (POR). Generally, POR 2014-2020 aims to increase economic competitiveness and improve the living […]

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Radan Mircea Project Manager

Experienced Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in implementing investments financed from internal structural funds, European level granted funds, in projects that target border and general security areas. Skilled in Strategic Negotiations, Requirements Analysis, Commercial Management, and Research. Well skilled program and project management with a Master’s Degree focused in Project Management from National School of Political and Administrative Studies from Bucharest. During his career he taken part as a Coordinator or Team Leader in a various projects that include buildings reabilitation, border surveilance and control complex systems, research and development of the new tools and techniquest in the field of national and European security through the European research funds starting with FP7.