How is a successful Project Manager doing?

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It is in our nature to want to achieve excellence and in this sense we intend to reveal a series of so-called “recipes for success”.

A project manager must assert himself as a team leader, and in this sense the essential condition to determine others to follow you is to know where you are heading.

The proactive approach to the problems represents, to the same extent, an aspect that contributes to the successful development and completion of projects. In other words, proactive managers are those people who focus not on solving problems, but on preventing them using the various management tools available to identify problematic situations and at the same time reduce the likelihood of occurrence or their impact.

It is important to identify real problems,, not surface ones. In-depth analysis is required, since “misdiagnosis” implies a diversion from the true cause of inconsistencies by mobilizing project resources in the wrong direction.Going forward, one of the most important resources of the project is the human resource. In order to obtain the commitment from the members of the project team and high performance, a successful project manager knows how to respond to their need for self-updating and fulfillment by offering them recognition. And in this sense, the possibilities are limitless and may even involve less formal aspects.

Finally, even if it may seem obvious, one of the essential conditions for becoming a successful project manager is to use at a professional level techniques of project management that really make the difference: project charter, WBS, risk management, PERT, diagram network, critical path, conflict management, change management, lessons learned.

Of course, the path to becoming a qualified project manager is not an easy one, but regardless of the type of project or the people you work with, there are a number of ways / resources that you can use to achieve excellence.

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